We sell botanical specimens of Mitragyna speciosa.  Unless otherwise specified these plants are 6″ tall or taller, growing in 4″ pots.

These are sold only as botanical specimens, not intended for human consumption.

Please consult the available resources on cultivation, as these plants are not likely to thrive in most North American climate zones.  They are native of Southeast Asia, and thrive in a hot humid climate with lots of light.  They generally like to be watered generously every day.  They are definitely not frost hardy.

We guarantee that we are sending you a healthy plant, and that it should arrive in that condition.  If you provide it with all the necessary conditions and it does not survive for at least 30 days we will replace it.  After that, it is up to you to deal with the many problems and pathogens that can afflict a plant.  We grow them under banks of T5 fluorescent & LED bulbs.  They seem to do well in cloth pots.

We ship our plants by USPS Priority Mail, at a fixed cost of $13. This almost covers our cost for the postage and packaging.  We ship on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid plants sitting in the postal system over the weekend.

We have healthy plants that are 3 feet tall with thick, woody stems, that have thrived in our artificial environment for over 2 years, so we know that it can be done.  Our cuttings are derived from these trees.

Thick, woody trunk of two year old Mitragyna speciosa tree
Two year old Mitragyna speciosa tree
Plastic tent over the plants creates a humid tropical environment
A plastic sheet creates a warm, humid "tropical" environment.

Our results improved dramatically after we placed plastic sheets over the lights to create a warmer, more humid environment (though the lights can potentially generate too much heat, so substituting some LED lights can be helpful.)

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